1. How to share data of unused stock ?

Send us email on support@paperekart.com by filling necessary data in the prescribed format in attached excel file. Download Here For Reel |
Download Here For Sheet

2. How frequently the stock data is updated?

We update the stock data on daily basis as we receive from Vendors.

3. Whether all stock appearing on PaperEKart available for immediate purchase

Once you confirm your interest and make payment, we confirm you the availability of stock within 24 hours after confirming from the vendor.

4. What happens if payment is made and stock is not available ?

We will update you within 24 hours about the availability. In case, the stock is not available, your amount will be refunded within a period of 3 working days.

5. What happens when transaction is failed ?

If transaction fails after payment , amount will be refunded in max 3 working days , however if any issue please contact us (Contact us page link)

6. Days in which I get payment for the material sold ?

Amount will be credited in max 3 working days.

7. What happened if I receive damaged or short quantity goods ?

If any damaged goods/Short Quantity is received, please contact us immediately, don’t use the material. We will stop the payment of supplier and will deal on case to case basis. However, rest assured that no financial loss in such cases would be born by buyer.

8. Who will transport the goods and bear the freight cost ?

Logistics will be completely under buyer’s purview. PaperEkart will not be involved in transportation in any manner.