TongBao Automatic Die Cutting Machine
Brand: TongBao
Machine No: 20230118007
Size: As Per the Customer Requirement
Mfg Yr: 2022
Location China
Description ◇The machine has manual and automatic motion state models. When the paper quality is poor, the manual model can be used and it can be switched. When using a manual model, you can free up space and be suitable for operation. ◇The paper feed unit of the machine is an independent system. It can be connected with die cutting machines of other manufacturers. The machine is equipped with a replacement part that can remove waste from the three edges and holes in the middle of the die-cut sheet. ◇This machine has a powerful four-suction and four-feed paper feeder, which can adjust the suction angle through paper deformation and blow the paper separating device to facilitate paper separation. ◇It has an overload protection mechanism to achieve accidental overload, and actively separates the die-cutting board frame, which can effectively prevent the die-cutting board from sagging and replacement. ◇The main chain (Germany) adopts heavy-duty and advanced transmission chain, with minimal production error, high tensile strength and good wear resistance. ◇The electrical control system is controlled by PLC and is equipped with various safety protection devices. When a fault occurs, it can give out sound and light alarm and automatically shut down, which truly guarantees the safety of man and machine. ◇The timing and quantitative automatic oil supply system can ensure sufficient lubrication for other moving parts of the machine and long replacement. Technical parameters: Item Parameters Model MY-1300 MY-1500 MY-1650 Max paper transmitting size (mm) 1300X930 1500X1100 1650X1200 Min paper transmitting size(mm) 500X450 550X500 600X550 Max die cutting size(mm) 1280X910 1480X980 1640X1180 Min gripper size(mm) 8mm 8mm 8mm Max die cutting pressure 350N/cm² 350N/cm² 350N/cm² Max die cutting speed 5500 sheets/h 5000 sheets/h 5000 sheets/h Max feeding pile height 1200mm 1200mm 1200mm Min feeding pile height 1200mm 1200mm 1200mm Main motor power 11kw 15kw 17kw Total weight 17T 19T 22T Overall size 6500*2300*2300 6850*2450*2300 7200*2600*2300 Read More