5 Color Offset Printing Machine

5 Color Offset Printing Machine

Brand: KOMORI Lithrone 532+ C UV
Machine No: 20230123001
Size: 22 x 32
Mfg Yr: 1999
Location Coimbatore
Description KOMORI Lithrone 532+ C UV 22 x 32 Year 1999 With coater Semi Auto plate Changer Cocking Plate, Blanket and Impression cylinders are Hard chromed Ink roll chiller Water roll chiller Camera plate punch Powder spray Around 50 rolls extra Pneumatic compressor Feeder compresor Roller Chiller Machine from Japan Read More

Brand: Sakurai
Machine No: 20220830001
Size: 520x720
Mfg Yr: 2006
Location England
Description Sheet Size: 520x720 SAS - Sakurai Auto Set SCC Off Press Controls Sakurai Continuous Dampening Auto Ink Roller Wash Auto Blanket Wash IR Dryer (Baldwin) Graphix Digital 3000 Dry Spray Central Air Supply Read More

Machine No: 20220830006
Size: 530 x 740mm
Mfg Yr: 1999
Location England
Description HEIDELBERG Other Offset Printing Machine, 530 x 740mm, 5 color. Electronic Double Sheet Detection Steel Plate in Feeder Cooling & recirculation Automatic Ink-roller washing, Blanket washing, Impression-cylinder washing device Chrome Impression Cylinders Suction Slow Down Device Read More

Brand: Komori
Machine No: 20220830010
Size: 530 x 740 mm
Mfg Yr: 2018
Location England
Description Komori Offset Printing Machine, 5 color, 530 x 740 mm AMR - Automatic Make Ready PQC - Print Quality Control PDC-SG Skeleton Transfer Cylinders Ink Temperature Control Techno trans Alpha. c Komorimatic Dampening Auto Ink Roller, Blanket, Impression Cylinder Wash Dedicated Coating Unit With Chambered Doctor Blade IR Dryer Dry Spray Extended Delivery Read More

Machine No: 20220902013
Size: 5 color 28 x40 "
Mfg Yr: 1997
Location Delhi
Description 5 color SM-102-4P HEIDELBERG Other Offset Printing Machine CPC 1.04 CP TRONIC AUTOPLATE PRESET ALCOLOR Read More