4 Color 28*40 Color Offset Printing Machine

28*40 4 Color Offset Printing Machine

Machine No: 20220829006
Size: 28x40
Mfg Yr: 1992
Location Delhi
Description Manufacturer : PLANETA Year : 1992 Color(s) : 4 COLOR Size : 28x40 Machine Kind : Sheet Fed Offset Printing Machine Read More

Machine No: 20220829017
Size: 720 x 1020 mm
Mfg Yr: 1998
Location England
Description 5-colours, Heidelberg SM 102-5P 1998 CPC Auto plate blanket washers Techno trans combination device air cooled Eltex antistatic device IR Dryer Read More

Brand: KBA Rapida
Machine No: 20220830002
Size: 720 x 1050 mm
Mfg Yr: 2000
Location England
Description KBA Rapida 105-5 SW1 PWHA 2000 year Format max. 720x1050 / min 360x520 Version up to 1.2 mm paper thickness Colortronic PWHA Semi automatic plate change Eleura Fast Wash washing device Techno trans Beta C.200L IR Dryer Eltosch 1050 Read More

Machine No: 20220830004
Size: 750 x 1060 mm
Mfg Yr: 2014
Location England
Description HEIDELBERG 28*40 Offset Printing Machine, 750 x 1060 mm, Press Center with Wall screen Impress Control Auto Plate XL full automatic simultaneous plate change Preset Plus Feeder Steel Plate in Feeder Suction Feed board Chrome Impression Cylinders Automatic Ink-roller washing device Automatic Blanket washing device Automatic Impression-cylinder washing device Lateral, Circumferential, Diagonal Register Control Read More

Machine No: 20220902002
Size: 19X26
Mfg Yr: 1995
Location Delhi
Description KOMORI SPRINT 28*40 Offset Printing Machine, 19X26, 2 color Read More

Machine No: 20220902010
Size: 28 x 40
Mfg Yr: 2003
Location Delhi
Description 4 color, SM-102-4P, HEIDELBERG, Other Offset Printing Machine CP 2000 AUTOPLATE ALCOLOR IMPORTED FROM JAPAN Read More