Semi Auto Stitching

Paperekart offers Semi auto stitching machine specially designed with an inbuilt capacity nailing speed of 350 nails/min. The Semi-Automatic Stitching Machine also comes with paper feeding, which can section can automatically count

Brand: DBS
Machine No: 20221020001
Size: 80 inch standard
Mfg Yr: 2000
Location Surat, Gujarat
Description Machine is in very good condition Read More

Semi-Automatic stitching machine for commercial us
Virdi Brothers Semi Auto Stitching

Price: 900000 Onwards.. (Negotiable)
Brand: Virdi Brothers
Machine No: 20220124005
Mfg Yr: 2022
Location Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Description Features: 1) Panasonic - Imported servo driven 2) Touch screen operation parameter, (distance between pin and pin number) 3) PLC Control 4) Siemens brand control panel 5) Photo electric sensor is Panasonic brand 6) Pins distance can bead just able on screen that can be single pin, double pin & strengthen pin 7) Changing carton size& adjusting pins can be completed in one minute, saving time & easy operation. 8) Department of automatic counting, feed units equipped with photo electric sensors, when feeding, table automatically rise. 9) Rear section with automatic counting function,the number of finished carton can be set (1-99) and transport to the machinery and, convenient for bundles package. 10) We can store number of pin on screen. 11) Machine can be operated in MANUAL MODE and AUTOMODE. 12) No skilled worker required. 13) We can store 20 memories in screen. 14) Maintenance free machine& easy to operate. 15) Parameter Usage/Application Commercial Material Mild Steel Automation Grade Semi-Automatic Power 4HP Voltage 280V Phase Single Phase Weight 2000kg approx Brand VBM Country of Origin Made in India Stitching Speed 400 Stitches/ Min Stitches No. 1-99 Stitches (Adjustable) Stitching Pitch 15-100min (Adjustable) Stack Height 900mm Read More

 semi auto stitching machine on PaperEkart
110 Inch Virdi Brothers Semi Auto Stitching

Price: 650000 Onwards.. (Negotiable)
Brand: Virdi Brothers
Machine No: 20220202004
Size: 110" Inch
Mfg Yr: 2022
Location Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Description Features: 1) Changing the size within one minute 2) Easy operation and no need of experience 3) The machine can staple single pin. 4) Feeding department automatic counting & automatic bundling. 5) Operation by the touch screen 6) The distance of pin can be set on screen directly. Usage/Application Commericial Material Mild Steel Automation Grade Semi-Automatic Size 110 Inch Power 1.5 HP Voltage 280 V Phase Single Phase Read More

NexxGen Semi Auto Stitching

Price: 1000000 Onwards.. 
Brand: NexxGen
Machine No: 20220704001
Mfg Yr: 2022
Location Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Description Product Specification Usage/Application Corrugated Box Stitching Machine Automation Grade Semi-Automatic Size 2500mm Power 5.5Kw Speed 500nails/min Voltage 440V Phase 3 phase 1. Mechanical speed: 500 nails / min 2. Stitching distance: 30-120mm it can be adjusted??? 3. Two function in one machine, can stitch single ,double carton, not normal carton 4. Size adopt whole electric type to control, changing size only need 2--3minute 5. Can stitch strengthen wire, single staple, double line stitch, finish on one time 6. Feeding part can automatic count 7. Suitable for medium and small type carton, stitch quick and easy. 8. The computer set and automatic adjust the distance of stitching, the stitch distance is 20--120mm can be adjusted. 9. Adopt computer screen to show the damage instruction 10. No lid box can be stitch (special order) suitable for 3-ply 5-ply 7-ply(when use it on 7-ply,customer should order in advance) 11. Adopt 4 servo motor(2 head motor,2 control stitch distance motor) Read More