TOPRA GD Flexo Folder Gluer (FFG) Flexo Folder Gluer
Brand: TOPRA GD Flexo Folder Gluer (FFG)
Machine No: 20230830002
Mfg Yr: 2023
Location Vapi, Gujarat, India
Description The TOPRA GD is a “Gear Drive” top printing and mobile architecture machine. The machine can be configured with up to six print units, dwell unit, slotting unit, rotary die-cutting unit, folding section & counter ejector. • The feeder is a Sun lead edge feeder and the feeder unit has a sheet cleaner and vacuum box for stable feeding of the sheet into the first print unit. • Transfer of the sheet through the machine is vacuum via a series of ceramic coated wheels. Print Quality: • The TOPRA GD has a great capacity for high quality printing. • The anilox roll is ceramic and the engravings can be customized to your specification. • Supply of the ink is done with either chambered or single doctor blade metering, with rubber rolls available as an option. • Supply of the ink is via a dual pump system with a Peristaltic supply pump and pneumatic diaphragm return. • Registration of the print is excellent with a tolerance of ± 0.5mm first to last print unit. Slotting & Creasing: • One of the exciting parts of the TOPRA GD is the level of customization available in the slotting section. • We can supply you with a standard unit or a dual creasing shaft unit for those difficult to crease paper grades. • One of the newest innovations is the servo driven dual slotting shaft system. • With this system swapping knives in and out of the machine between jobs becomes a thing of the past as one shaft is tasked to the leading edge and the other to the back edge. • Another unique feature of the servo dual shaft slotting section is that the full extended skip feed length of the machine is addressable. Folding & Gluing: This is another area where upgrading to the TOPRA GD offers real benefits. The folding section on the machine features servo driven independent belts in the final section for combating fish tailing. We have also employed a series of lugs that the crease is formed against, the profile of these lugs changes over the length of the machine and as a result we get very square boxes. • Dedicated computer controls are provided and orders can be stored and recalled by the local PLC controls. • The machine also allows for quick and easy setup of orders and an increased level of convenience of operation. • Remote diagnostics can be performed by means of a remote ethernet connection. • This makes maintenance and monitoring more efficient and reduces the post-installation support costs. • All drive shafts are made of high-quality steel, and are surface ground and chrome plated for longevity. • All driving gears are hardened and ground. • All units of the machine can be separated automatically or manually and an audible alarm sounds during the opening and closing for safe operation. • Every unit is also equipped with an emergency stop switch for increased safety. The machine operator, working inside each unit can stop the unit from moving at any time. • The machine is also equipped with an automatic lubrication system that keeps the lubricant levels in all of the units uniform at all times Read More
YK-2600, YK-2800, YK-3000 YIKE GROUP Automatic Folder Gluer
Machine No: 20230118004
Size: YK-2600, YK-2800, YK-3000
Mfg Yr: 2023
Location China
Description Introduction: Computer type automatic glue machine is consist of three parts, which is paper feeding part, gluing and folding part and counting and stacking part. Automatic Computer adjustment paper feeding / fold and glue. Automatic counting and stacking output. Wall board thickness 40mm. The speed can reach 150-200 pieces per minute. Advanced and reasonable structure design and manufacture, it demands for cultural level of operators is not high, and operators will be able to handle all operating procedures in one or two working days, and protect the safety of operating personnel. Delta touch scree, PLC, Inverter, China Famous Brand bearings. Specification: Model YK-ZXJ 2800 Max. Cardboard 1200*2400mm Mini. Cardboard 300*800mm Diemensions 15500×3000×1600mm Power required 12 kw Speed 150-200 Pcs/min Voltage 220V/380V/415V Read More
RINO Semi Auto Folder Gluer
Brand: RINO
Machine No: 20230118010
Size: As Per the Customer Requirement
Mfg Yr: 2022
Location china
Description As Per the Customer Requirement RINO Automatic Folder Gluer Read More