1300×1250mm Youbond 5 Ply Automatic Corrugation Machine
Brand: Youbond
Machine No: 20221219003
Size: 1300×1250mm
Mfg Yr: 2022
Location India ...
Description 1300×1250mm Youbond 5 Ply Automatic Corrugation Machine Model YB-1300E YB-1450E YB-1650E Max Sheet Size 1300×1250mm 1450×1250mm 1650×1450mm Min Sheet Size 400×400mm 400×400mm 400×400mm Top Sheet Thickness 150-600g 150-600g 150-600g Bottom Sheet Thickness A、B、C、E、F(Corrugated paper),(Industrial paperboard) Max Speed 6000Sheets/hour 6000Sheets/hour 6000Sheets/hour Fitting Precision ±1mm ±1mm ±1mm Dimensions 11.5×2×2.4M 11.5×2.2×2.4M 11.5×2.4×2.4M Machine Weight 5000kg 5500kg 6000kg Machine Power 10KW/380V 11KW/380V 12KW/380V Read More
30 inch Top side Board to Board Pasting Machine with conveyor
Brand: Uleron
Machine No: 20221226001
Size: 30 inch
Mfg Yr: 2021
Location Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
Description MACHINE DESCRIPTION: The TOP GLUING MACHINE of 30 inches width can be used with both hot glue and cold glue. Heavy-duty frame structure and wall. Smooth AC drive. Indigenous roller & returner blade is designed to carry pasting on 70 to 1000 gsm thick materials. Continous input of glue is provided by a Pump. Adjustable glue thickness with roller adjustment. Hard chrome plated roller/ Stainless Steel rollers (Optional). Bottom tray for excess glue collection and reuse. Best quality control panel components used (L&T and SIEMENS) The conveyor is constructed with 2m of length giving spac Read More
52 inch B FLUTE 65 inch C FLUTE MICRO,SUNUP 3 Ply Automatic Corrugation Machine
Machine No: 20230108001
Size: 52 inch B FLUTE 65 inch C FLUTE
Mfg Yr: 2014
Location Surat, Gujarat
Description 52" B FLUTE MICRO, 65" C FLUTESUNUP Read More
22 x 32 KOMORI Lithrone 532 C UV 5 Color Offset Printing Machine
Brand: KOMORI Lithrone 532+ C UV
Machine No: 20230123001
Size: 22 x 32
Mfg Yr: 1999
Location Coimbatore
Description KOMORI Lithrone 532+ C UV 22 x 32 Year 1999 With coater Semi Auto plate Changer Cocking Plate, Blanket and Impression cylinders are Hard chromed Ink roll chiller Water roll chiller Camera plate punch Powder spray Around 50 rolls extra Pneumatic compressor Feeder compresor Roller Chiller Machine from Japan Read More
62’’ Congzhou Single Facer Corrugation Machine
Price: 750000 - 800000 
Brand: Congzhou
Machine No: 20230326001
Size: 62’’
Mfg Yr: 2016
Location Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Description 62’’machine with 14’’ diameter roll. & shaft less reel stand. very rarely used _total Pnumatic control on pressure glue and brake Read More
36 ravi Single Facer Corrugation Machine
Price: 250000 - 300000 
Brand: ravi
Machine No: 20230326002
Size: 36
Mfg Yr: 2014
Location Rajkot, Gujarat, India
Description Read More
1400 china 5 Ply Automatic Corrugation Machine
Brand: china
Machine No: 20230418001
Size: 1400
Mfg Yr: 2022
Location Surat, Gujarat, India
Description NERO & C Read More
63 Inch Chinese Fingerless Single Facer Corrugation Machine
Brand: Chinese
Machine No: 20230517001
Size: 63 Inch
Mfg Yr: 2021
Location Tundla, Uttar Pradesh, India
Description 63 inch fingerless corrugation machine .. almost brand new condition... Read More