Strategies to Enhance the Compressive Strength of Carton Boxes

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The main purpose of a carton box is to safeguard the contents it holds. The compressive strength of the box serves as a clear measure of its ability to provide protection. Therefore, every carton box manufacturer in Chennai strives to create boxes with exceptional compressive strength to meet the high-quality standards of the market. This article will outline several effective methods for enhancing the compressive strength of carton boxes, thereby ensuring improved protection and durability.


Compression strength as a benchmark
In recent years, many factories have changed their focus from gauging the broad quality of the carton box to zeroing in on various tests to assess the physical strength of the box. Even many MNCs have shifted from bursting test to compression strength as a benchmark for the quality of the box.

Methods to improve the compression strength
1 – Optimal dimensions
Numerous data analyses have identified a correlation between the dimensions of a carton box and its compression strength. As the box's circumference increases, so does its ability to withstand compression.

Typically, the length-to-width ratio hovers around 1.8 to 1. Within this range, the impact of dimension on compression strength varies by approximately ±5. Consequently, when the aspect ratio falls within the range of 1.2 to 1.5, the compression resistance is notably high. Conversely, as the ratio increases to 2:1, the strength decreases by up to 20%. Therefore, it is advisable to maintain the optimal length-to-width ratio at or below 2.

2 – Stacking method and stacking duration
The compression strength experiences a decline with increased stacking duration, a phenomenon referred to as fatigue. If boxes are stacked for over a month, their strength diminishes by 30%. Beyond a year of stacking, these boxes retain only 50% of their initial strength. Consequently, prominent corrugated box manufacturers in Chennai prioritize producing boxes with an extended lifespan to counteract the reduction in compression strength.

The manner in which boxes are stacked also influences their durability. Numerous test results indicate that the force exerted vertically surpasses the horizontal pressure. Furthermore, the highest pressure is exerted on the corners. Conversely, the bearing force on the box is lowest at the point farthest from the box's corner.

3 – Carton Openings

Certain boxes may incorporate perforations or gaps for ease of handling, which can also impact the box's compression strength. Research indicates that resistance is greater when the hole size is larger. Additionally, if the hand hole or ventilation hole is positioned closer to the top or bottom, the compression strength tends to decrease. Consequently, applying a hand pull to both sides of the box can result in a 20% reduction in compression strength.

Hence, many manufacturers reinforce the inner walls of the carton by adding an extra layer to mitigate the impact of openings on compression strength.

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