What is kraft paper?

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What is kraft paper?

As more and more people are approaching sustainable packaging, the only paper that is able to make impactful contribution is kraft paper. In 2022, as we know kraft paper has gained popularity in most of the packaging industry and the capabilities of these paper is truly commendable. With so much impact on the packing industry, it becomes obvious to know about Kraft Paper.

History of Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is a packaging material that gets it name from the kraft pulping process invented by Carl F. Dahl in Germany in 1880. Kraft Paper is a paper produced from chemical pulp made during kraft process. It is a porous kraft paper consisting of high elasticity and high tear resistance designed for multiple packing purpose that demands high strength and durability. Pulp produced during the kraft process is stronger than the one made by other pulping process. The acidic sulfite process degrades ore cellulose that leads to weaker fibers. Also, mechanical pulping process and kraft processing removes most of the lignin with the fibers. Low lignin is important to get high strength in paper.

Kraft Paper

 Kraft is a german word meaning strong. Kraft Paper is just like that strong and durable. IT is a naturally biodegradable material. It is used in a wide range of industrial and commercial operations for packaging and protection.

Different types of Kraft Paper

There are different types of Kraft Paper available based on different types of fibres the material is made from and also different finishes. They are as follows:-

- Coated Kraft Paper

Coated Kraft paper is a brown paper that has white additive added to make it more like a black canvas. It is white in color that makes it great black canvas for other colors.

- Virgin Kraft Paper

Virgin kraft paper is made from the raw pulp. It is made from the wood that comes straight from the tree and is processed into brown butch paper. It is one of the strongest form of brown paper.

- Recycled Kraft Paper

Recycled kraft paper is made from the recycled materials. Plenty of times, the unused, recyclable cardboard boxes, books and other materials are broken down into pulp and turned back into recyclable brown paper.. The recycled craft paper is best for brands that want to use sustainable packaging in their supply chain.


Major Benefits of Kraft Paper

The main benefit of kraft paper is that is strong and durable, which is due to increase sulphur and less lignin content. Kraft paper is easy to create, so there is abundance of it available in the market that makes it to require low material cost. It takes a natural color and texture which doesnt require the need to bleach it. This saves money and helps to keep the chemicals out of the environment. The chemicals that are used in creating kraft paper are easily recovered and reused, therefore fostering a circular economy.

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