Growth in Indian Paper mills

17/11/2023  276 Views

Recently the Bureau of International Recycling(BIR) released that paper recyclers from across the world are experiencing stabilization and growth, due to the increasing demand for material from east asia.



One of the largest end-users of the packaging market is the e-commerce industry, which has led the expansion of opportunities in the packaging industry. In the recent BIR convention it was discussed that the Indian Market has a big growth prospect as the demand for recovered fiber in India will grow first and foremost because of the increasing demand of the e-commerce industry.



By 2025 it is expected that 300 million people in India will be utilizing e-commerce and this will result in a projected growth in the capacity of Indian Paper mills from 14 million tons to over 20 million tons, it is estimated that in the next 3 to 5 years this segment will reach close to 500 million. The underlining aspect of this will reflect 75% indian paper mills dependence on recovered fiber. Currently around 30% domestic fiber in India is recovered and it imports around 12 million tons.


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