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Honeycomb packaging is a kraft paper-based, eco-friendly and cost-effective material that provides superior strength despite being light-weight. Inspired by nature, the design resembles the inside of a beehive. 

Honeycomb packaging is made by joining individual bands of kraft paper together into a series of continuous hexagonal cells, providing strength and rigidity. The cells are faced on both sides with similar materials to form an extremely strong product. 

Honeycomb packaging provides high levels of protection due to its ability to cushion and absorb shock, allowing safe transit of goods and minimizing damage.

Honeycomb products are used in many areas such as packaging, dunnage, pallets, furniture inner structures and signage displays. Honeycomb packaging can be custom-designed to meet individual packaging needs. It can be used as inner or outer packaging material. And, it does not change in dimensions with temperature variations. 

Manufactured from renewable resources, honeycomb packaging is biodegradable, 100% recyclable and easy to dispose of.Being flexible and environment-friendly, honeycomb packaging is slowly replacing other packaging materials such as PUF, MDF, bubble wrap, EP foam and particle boards.

The rise of the e-commerce sector and demand for protective and sustainable packaging by various industries such as electronics, automotive, furniture and consumer goods are driving the growth of the honeycomb packaging market. The global honeycomb packaging market is estimated to surpass US$ 16.95 billion by 2025.


  1. Strong and lightweight
  2.  Cost-effective and bio-degradable
  3.  Customizable
  4.  High Level of Cushioning
  5.  Humidity Resistance
  6.  Recyclable
  7.  Shock Absorption

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