Which is better - Hot Foil Stamping vs Metallized Ink?

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Metalized decorating techniques give your packaging a unique, sophisticated look. The unmistakable gleam, visible even on crowded store shelves, is a great way to catch the eyes of your customers. Because shiny metals are often valuable, it also creates a subconscious association that whatever inside the package is valuable too.

Hot Foil Stamping

Hot foil stamping machines use heat and pressure to impress a foil design onto your packaging material. The design is etched onto a metal die. Then, the stamp die is heated and pressed onto a layer of foil on top of the packaging material. The heat causes the foil to bond with the surface of your product. Because the foil is stamped on, this design technique also creates a texture effect on your packaging.


·      A variety of finishes can be achieved
·      Finer and more detailed designs
·      Environment-friendly
·      Durable and long-lasting


·      Relatively expensive
·      Process complexity and time-consuming

Metallized Inks

Metallic inks have real metal particles that rise to the surface when the ink has dried. Close to the surface, the metallic particles catch the light and make your packaging sparkle. You can make the finish shinier by adding multiple coats of ink.The metallic ink is applied early in the printing process, unlike in hot foil stamping, where the foil is added towards the end. Afterward, you need to coat the ink in some type of protective finish to keep it from degrading.


·      Wide range of color variety available
·      Subtle finish
·      Cost-efficient
·      Less complex process


·      Prone to fading
·      Compatible with limited paper stocks

Selection of right technique:

When deciding between metalized inks or hot foil stamping, keep area coverage, cost, speed to market and your company’s schedule in mind.
If you’re looking to reduce waste and maximize your foil area coverage, hot foil stamping might just be the solution for you. Hot foil stamping utilizes the majority of the foil ribbon by indexing small increments and therefore reduces waste and embossing, debossing and punching is achievable.

Metallic ink printing doesn’t produce this kind of texture, since the metallic sheen just comes from the ink. The foil has a smooth, metal-like feel that gives your product a tactile finish.
Metalized inks tend to be more of an affordable option than hot foil stamping. So, if you’re on a budget, metalized inks might be your best bet.
Both Hot Foil Stamping and Metallized Inks are suitable, depending on the finesse for each application.

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