What is Die Cutting and Creasing in Post-Press Converting?

10/06/2024   Views
Die cutting and creasing is a specialized process using machines and other tools to convert stock material through cutting, forming, and shearing. Manufactured dies are a piece of metal tooling that cut a specific shape out of the desired material.

Die cuts come in all shapes and sizes depending on the application for which they’re being used. Precision die-cutting and creasing is not limited to major manufacturers, as many crafters and scrap bookers utilize small die-cutting machines to cut intricate shapes in paper, card stock, vinyl, and more. When utilized in major manufacturing operations, the machinery is of course substantially larger and more complex, with industrial die cutters designed for fast and precise die-cutting of various substrates.
These can be outfitted with one of 2 types of techniques: Flatbed die cutting and rotary die cutting.

Die cutting and creasing involves taking a die and pressing it into the substrate with enough pressure to achieve the desired result. Often, the desired result is a clean and crisp cut and crease. Although dyes can also be engineered to do embossing, pressing, perforating, or indenting for better precision and accuracy. A die engineered to produce a cardboard box, for example, would need to cut the shape of the unfolded box as well as apply perforated or indented lines where appropriate.

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